Memorial Day Lawn Care 2019

Memorial Day is a special day. We remember the sacrifices of the men and women who made our freedoms possible. It is also called the unofficial start of summer and for the DIY lawn care enthusiast, it also means lawn care and lawn applications to get our turf ready for the heat of the summer.

Memorial Day and lawn care go hand in hand. This year is no different and for me and my lawn it means another application of Milorganite, weed control, and the application of some of the N-Ext products like RGS and Humic12 as well as Air8.

My Lawn Care Plan for Memorial Day 2019

In addition to spending time with my family, BBQ'ing and remember and honoring the sacrifices of the men and women, in and out of uniform, that sacrificed for this country, I will also be continuing the tradition of doing some lawn care. You might even say that Memorial Day is the major holiday for lawn care.

Do my own lawn care

My Memorial Day 2019 lawn care activity started early. I am considering my Wednesday Night Mow, #Wednesdaynightmow, as part of the lawn care that I will be doing this weekend. That is because the weed killer I am going to apply this weekend recommends that it be applied two days after mowing the lawn so the weeds will be in growth mode. I am going to be applying Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer as a broadcast application.

My yard has a sever case of Wild Violet as a result of the "professional" lawn care service I used not killing it for the past two years. I also have some clover and some other various weeds throughout my lawn that I am going to get rid of. This will be my second broadcast spray for weeds, but the first time using Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer.

Timing will be essential because the weather forecast is for low 90's throughout the Memorial Day weekend and Speed Zone recommends not applying the product once the temperature reaches 85 degrees. So it will be an early morning weed application in order to ensure the product is down and dried before the temperature reaches 85. After the application of Speed Zone, I will be on pause until the evening when I will apply my second application of the year of Milorgranite.

I was lucky enough to finds some bags of it at a local big box store and so I grabbed 10 bags of Milorganite last weekend to have it ready. Its been stacked in my garage for the last week and I must admit I look at the stack with pride. The first application of Milorganite was six weeks ago and it was the first time I had ever used it. I can say definitively that it substantially improved the look of the grass - made it much greener and much thicker. Then, a good watering and that will wrap up the first day of memorial day lawn care.

The second day will consist of the application of the N-Ext products. Earlier this year, I bought a 4-pack of some N-Ext products: Humic12, RGS, Air-8, and Micro Green. All but the Micro Green will be applied and the Micro Green will be applied the following weekend.

I plan on spraying the RGS and the Humic12 in the morning in two separate blanket sprayings. Then in the evening, I will wrap up the application of the N-Ext products with the application of Air-8.

Do my own lawn care

After that, I plan to sit back and relax. I am sure my family and I will be sitting around the table on our patio admiring the lawn and discussing how far it has come since we fired the professional lawn care service a few months back.

Did I mention that I'll be BBQ'ing some steaks on the grill and enjoying just hanging out with the family. That is what I am looking forward to most this Memorial Day. Sure, Memorial Day and lawn care go hand-in-hand, but spending time with my family and remembering and honoring all those that have and are serving is sacred. Have a great Memorial Day.